Delft Global Initiative Fellowship with CiTG and Aqysta

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Maurits Ertsen, Aqysta and I, just have learned that we won one of the Delf Global Initiative Fellowships. We will be working the coming four years on the following exciting challenge:

Developing agriculture and renewable energy with an innovative turbine pump
Feeding an increasing population is a huge global challenge. Intensified irrigation significantly increases
harvests and farmers’ income, allowing shifting from subsistence to commercial farming. Fossil-fuel based
irrigation technologies are energy-intensive, costly for smallholder farmers and polluting. This project develops a cost-effective, accessible irrigation technology based on renewable energy from the cutting-edge Integrated Turbine Pump. This pump requires no operating costs, little maintenance and reduces environmental impacts. The project will employ an integral, co-creative approach to create an Integrated Turbine Pump system for a pay-as-you-go irrigation service rather than one-time hardware sales.

TU Delft: Maurits Ertsen, Jan Carel Diehl
* Nepal: Intertech (Nepal), aQysta-Nepal, Practical Action (INGO)
* Indonesia: RCE Engineering, Hivos (INGO), KRMW Foundation (Grass-root NGO)
*  Guatemala: Evolucion Energetica
* Spain: ICAI-Comillas Pontifical University of Madrid
* Netherlands: aQysta BV