PhD Defence Rebecca Reubens: Holistic Sustainability Design

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Today, December 12th, 2016 our PhD Candidate Rebecca Reubens successfully defended her PhD thesis: To Craft, by Design, for Sustainability: Towards holistic sustainability design for developing country enterprises. Am proud to be the co-promotor together with Prof. Han Brezet and Prof. Henri Christiaans. Here you can download the Summary PhD Thesis and Total PhD Thesis Dr. Rebecca Reubens: Congratulations!

To craft by design for sustainability

Renewable materials such as bamboo, cork and hemp, which are abundantly available in the developing world, have the potential to be a viable and sustainable resource base for sustainable development. Current sustainable-design initiatives and approaches already look at using industrial techniques and technologies to recontextualize these materials to create innovative products and systems for contemporary sustainability-aligned markets.

Unfortunately, according to Rebecca Reubens PhD student of TU Delft, they do not leverage the huge labor force and cultural resources available in developing countries. In her research Reubens focuses on alternative design approaches that can generate collective benefits to the ecology, society, economy and culture in developing countries.

On Monday 12 December 2016 Rebecca Reubens will defend her thesis ‘To craft by design for sustainability’ at the TU Delft. Her promotors are Emeritus Prof. J. C. Brezet, Delft University of Technology, Prof. H. H. C. M. Christiaans, Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology, and co-promotor: Dr. ir. J. C. Diehl, Delft University of Technology.img_4551



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