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Journal Papers

Comprehensive user insight to improve technologies for development. International Development Planning Review 2018

Educating for a systems design approach to complex societal problems. Journal of Engineering Design 2018

Comparing Performance of Biomass Gasifier Stoves: Influence of a Multi-Context Approach. Sustainability 2017

Introducing systems oriented design for complex societal contexts in design engineering education. Form Akademisk 2017

Considerations for an Access-Centered Design of the Fever Thermometer in Low-Resource Settings: A Literature Review. JMIR Human Factors 2017

Exploration of Deaf People’s Health Information Sources and Techniques for Information Delivery in Cape Town: A Qualitative Study for the Design and Development of a Mobile Health App. JMIR Human Factors 2016

New design challenges to widely implement ‘Sustainable Product-Service Systems’. Journal of Cleaner Production 2015

Conference papers
Influence of Context Variation on Quality of Solutions: Experiences with Gasifier Stoves. Procedia Manufacturing, 2017 

A multi-context design approach for a portable ultrasound device. NordDesign 2016

Developing for developing nations: Exploring an affordable solar home system design. IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC), 2016.

The Power of Design: Product Innovation in Sustainable Energy Technologies. Wiley’s
Product-Service System Design for Sustainability. Green leaf Publishing
Designing Sustainable Energy for All. Springer

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PhD Dissertation
Product Innovation Knowledge Transfer for Developing Countries: Towards a Systematic Transfer Approach, 2010