MSc Students


Surgery for All – Asja Mucha – Improving the Use of Surgical Suction Pumps in Sierra Leone

TAPP Project – Cheng Guo – A digital intervention to test water quality in Bangladesh

TAPP Project – Nayantara Thomas – Information and awareness as a means to develop water supply systems in rural and peri-urban Bangladesh: Designing the Knowledge module of the TAPP App

Surgery for All – Roosmarijn Rutten –  Increasing the amount of in-service medical equipment by developing a MOOC to train Biomedical Equipment Technicians in Low-/ Middle Income Countries

Surgery for All – Mark Willemsen – Optimising the Design of a Medical Device Intended for Use in Low- and Middle Income Countries

Surgery for All – Girish Malage – Safe Laparoscopy in Low and Middle Income Countries: Reducing Surgical Site Infections through Laparoscopic Instrument Cleaning

TWIGA –  Peter Verweij –  High precision positioning system for Ghana 

Red Cross 510  – Rosa Jager – Applying Human-Centered Design in the development of digital products for disaster response

Rotterdam Municipality – Celia de Vries – Activating youth 12-15 years old in Rotterdam for circular behaviour – a strategic action plan for the municipality of Rotterdam

Zero Emission Fuel – Gerianne Boer – Methanol from sunlight and air: A guide towards the embodiment design of the micro plant

INSPIRED – Derk van Grootheest – Towards a single shot holographic diagnosis of Schistosomiasis haematobium

PREMAL – Bart Janse – Developing a Product-Service-System for the MTego mosquito trap

INSPIRED  Merlijn Sluiter – Smart Diagnostics for Low Resource Settings: Target product profiles for devices to diagnose urinary schistosomiasis in Nigeria

Mindsweepers – Joris Blok – Design Thinking for Novices: Designing a Corporate Training to Embed Design Thinking in Organisations

MRI for Arica – Frank van Doesum – MRI for Africa: The design of an MRI for the diagnosis of infant hydrocephalus in Ugandan hospitals

BoPInc – Johan van der Schaaf – Marketing Campaign for Mhogo Foods: Desining a Pilot Strategy

Proportion  – Marie van den Bergh – Building creative capacity: bridging the gap between social businesses and young professionals in Kenya

INSPIRED – Satyajith Jujjavarapu (EEMCS) – Automating the Diagnosis and Quantification of Urinary Schistosomiasis

DARE-TU – Ruben van Dijk (CITG) – Unraveling decision-making in irrigated farming in Malawi: Using Q methodology to develop typologies on water transport technology adoption

INSPIRED – Satyajith Jujjavarapu – Automating the Diagnosis and Quantification of Urinary Schistosomiasis

Waste Warriors – Jennifer Rocha – A Systemic Design Approach to Waste Segregation: Supporting NGO’s in achieving Waste Segregation in India households


INSPIRED  – Patrick Nijman – Digital holography integrated with flow cytometry for detection of urinary schistosomiasis

DARE-TU – Elsbeth Maas – The Design of a Product Service System for aQysta

TUD – Ziwei Li – Improving User Experience by a Smart Bathroom Floor Cleaner in Different Culture Contexts

Appletree Surfboards – Mathijs Terranea – Surfboard as a Service: a novel kitesurfing experience

INSPIRED – Alex Heemels – Development towards a robust low-cost Fourier Ptychographic microscope: For the detection of malaria parasites

INSPIRED  – Jiun Tyng Dai – Explore the untapped digital data of neglected tropical disease, and provide insights for stakeholders to take strategic actions

TUD – Petra Salaric – How can design for well-being lower the taboo of menstruation in India

INSPIRED – Paola Monsterrat – African Market: Entry for a Trypanosomiasis Diagnostic Device

INSPIRED –  Ludo Hille Ris Lambers – Design of a 3D printer for healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa

Viewpoint Medical – Joy Hooft Graafland – The development of a minimum viable product to facilitate the venipuncture procedure

INSPIRED  – Astrid ten Bosch – Diagnostics for Visceral Leishmaniasis in low resource settings within East Africa

BopInc – Tessa Fij – Creating better product communication by using Storytelling and Cultura

Inuka Faith – Irene Conversano – Adapt to scale: A framework to scale Inuka to new contexts

MISIT –  Larissa Hesselink – The Equipment Journey as a tool to design safe surgical equipment for low-and middle income countries

VENTUREDAM – Hardik Parmar – Venturedam- Bridging boundaries through innovations

PREMAL –  Cedric van der Geer – Adapting a mosquito trap for future deployment in African communities





Bottle Up Foundation  – Lou van Reemstbottle | brick: waste glass aggregate replacement in bricks for Zanzibar

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) – G-Young Van – Self-help card to Support Mental Health of People on the Move in Mexico

Emergi – Marcel van de MeerSolar Cooling in West Africa

Prakti DesignStephanie van SprangThe design of a charcoal-based cooking stove matching the cooking and food habits in Uganda and Ghana

Yep Africa – Ire Oyekan – Strap by Strap: Empowering Female Entrepreneurs in the Gambia

Magic Mitad Rik Oomes – Brand Development in technical start-ups: Developing a brand identity tool for technical start-ups based on theoretical insights and practical experience of the Magic Mitad case

Urban Mining – Tessa Vaendel – From bottle to educational game: Upcycling plastic waste for educational purposes in Colombia

CAST – Jan de Boer – CAST Formwork System: A redesign and evaluation of the CAST formwork system concept

EWI/KamWorks  – Thomas den Heeten Future Solar Home Systems matching energy supply with energy demand

KamWorks – Justin KaneThe design of a solar home system series. Realizing an expandable, compact, multiple sized system for rural Cambodia