TISD (Technology in Sustainable Development) Annotation IDE

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Official information on the TISD annotation can be found here

Herewith the information from, me as TiSD referent from IDE

The annotation “Technology in Sustainable Developmentā€ TISD is an additional certificate that you can be rewarded with next to your IDE specific Master Degree. It is sometimes also referred to as TIDO (Techniek in Duurzame Ontwikkeling). It is a university-wide annotation and is being coordinated by Dr. Kas Hemmes of the faculty TPM. Specific information can be found at https://www.tudelft.nl/tbm/over-de-faculteit/afdelingen/values-technology-and-innovation/sections/economics-of-technology-and-innovation/education/annotation-tido/

In short:
In order to get the TISD annotation you have to fulfill three conditions:
* You join the university-wide course WM0939TU (5 ECTS) http://www.studiegids.tudelft.nl/a101_displayCourse.do?course_id=43473 This course is provided only once a year. So check out on time when you have yo subscribe and when it is running. More info at esd@tudelft.nl. For the year 2018-19 Bauke Steenhuisen (B.M.Steenhuisen@tudelft.nl) is the course coordinator. The course will take place in Q2 and enrolment starts by the end of the month May.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]