Current projects

NWO-WOTRO INSPIRED – Smart Health Diagnostics for Malaria – Schistosomisasis – Hookworm

NWO-Release – Reversible Large-scale Energy Storage

NWO-TAPP-BDP – a participatory tool towards end-user inclusive implementation of safe water supply within the Bangladesh Delta Plan

Project INSPIRATION – COVID 19 – Low-cost, easy to manufacture and easy operatable mechanical ventilator.

ASIA PBLProblem-Based Learning for Nepal – Bhutan – India

Prevous projects

The Frugal Thermometer – LDE Center for Frugal Innovation

Context Variation by Design – DfS Tu Delft

Reinvent the Toilet Challenge – Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

LeNSin – Erasmus +

SignSupport – University of Western Cape (UWC)