Overview of PhDs under supervision, finished, and PhD committees participated in:

Current PhDs:

  • Adeola Onasanya
  • Prosper Oyibo
  • Juan Carlo Intriago Zambrano
  • Prang Chininthorn

Finished PhDs:

Kersten, W. (2020). What Leonardo could mean to us now: Systematic variation 21st-century style, applied to large-scale societal issues. (PhD). TU Delft – Promotor

Junior, J. d. C. (2020). A Systems Design Approach to Sustainable Development: Embracing the Complexity of Energy Challenges in Low-income Markets. (PhD). TU Delft – Promotor

Mink, A. (2016). Design for Well-Being: Understanding Users’ Lives in Design for Development. (PhD). Delft University of Technology, TU Delft – Co-Promotor

Reubens, R. (2016). Design for Sustainability: Rhyzome Approach. (PhD). Delft University of Technology, TU Delft – Co-Promotor

PhD Committees TU Delft:

Bengtson, M. (2021). Development of DNA diagnostics of neglected tropical diseases in resource-limited settings. TU Delft – Comittee Member.

Brown, P. (2020). Collaboration in Circular Oriented Innovation: Why, How and What? TU Delft – Committee member

Poppelaars, F. A. (2020). Let It Go: Designing the Divestment of Mobile Phones in a Circular Economy from a User Perspective. TU Delft – Committee member

Narayan, N. (2019). Solar home systems for improving electricity access: An off-grid solar perspective towards achieving universal electrification. (PhD). TU Delft – Committee member

Icibaci, L. M. (2019). Re-use of Building Products in the Netherlands: the development of a metabolism based assessment approach. (PhD). TU Delft – Committee member

Onencan, A. M. (2019). Institutional Change through Social Learning: Climate Change Policy Gaming in Kenya. (PhD). TU Delft – Committee member

Agbana, T. (2020). Smart Optics against Smart Parasites: Towards point-of-care optical diagnosis of malaria and urogenital schistosomiasis in resource-limited settings. (PhD). TU Delft – Committee member