SPSS and SBM Tools


Here you can find short movies that explain Sustainable Product-Service Systems (SPSS) and Sustainable Business Model (SBM) Tools.

All credits to the students of ID 5565, Year 2021 & 2022 & 2023

Material Flow Analysis (MFA) – https://youtu.be/7zdGkcEUBzU

SPSS Categorization – https://youtu.be/wWkuyV7Plno


Giga Mapping  – https://youtu.be/HCgwpg7Ezxo

X – Curve Framework – https://youtu.be/bDCQIpjEyfk

Sustainable Business Model Canvas – https://youtu.be/4N6EufU3MUg

Circular Value Hill – https://youtu.be/ZmvXvy6BuzA

Sustainable Business Model Archetypes – https://youtu.be/1k-8lXa875s

Design for Divestment – https://youtu.be/8SwYWL-4qvI

Product Journey Mapping – https://youtu.be/uQK0e8Rb1Bo

Customer Journey – https://youtu.be/rL6N7AnvUtU

Sustainable Development Goals – https://youtu.be/DQf9JmuObd4

Tripple Bottom Line – https://youtu.be/pbI4vjf4ZiQ

Circularity Business Deck – https://www.circularitydeck.com

Value Map – More at website Nancy Bocken

Triple-Layered Business Model Canvas – More at web-site Sustainable Business Models

Multi Level Perspective

Causal Loop Diagrams

System Map

Giga Map – More at Systems Oriented Design Web-site

Full Circle – Accenture Circular Economy Handbook


Doughnut Model